Unity for Non-Programmers Workshop

February 13, 2017

Second day of a game jam, you find wild artist puffing smokes on the balcony. You ask “Have you finished the game?”. Artist pauses a second after which he responds: “I gave all art to the programmer. Just waiting for him to put it into the game”. If you are a programmer you know that dreaded second day too well. The countdown is ticking and you are wrestling completing the game, catching the bugs. And you need to spend almost as much time for putting the art in too.

Modern game engine tools are created to be designer friendly. Yet many artists do not learn these tools. As a result the production bottleneck hits the programmers hard. Since I am one of those programmers, I found it beneficial to fix this problem. That is why I created an Unity Workshop for artists. There is no programming in this workshop. The workshop’s aim is to show Unity pipeline to the artist so they put their work into unity without waiting for a programmer. Furthermore, the workshop covers some simple performance concerns to help them understand how to produce art within technological constraints.